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Erie Alpha Sigma Taus
for Alumnae, Colligate, and Perspective Members
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7th-Dec-2005 12:39 pm - What Blood Type are you?
A Gannon University student, and new sister of the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority is in need of a blood transfusion. Unfortunatly, my blood will not work. But if it did, I would gladly give her the gift of life. I'm not sure of the details of her situation but Chana informed me (Chana is not the one in need) she needs AB Positive or O Negative. Please consider helping if you can. I'm trying to spread the word

For more information about giving blood, you can visit the Community Blood Bank's Website


O + ... 1 person in 3... 38.4%
O - ... 1 person in 15 ... 7.7%
A + ... 1 person in 3 ... 32.3%
A - ... 1 person in 16 ... 6.5%
B + ... 1 person in 12... 9.4%
B - ... 1 person in 67... 1.7%
AB + ... 1 person in 29 ... 3.2%
AB - ... 1 person in 167... 0.7%
1st-Dec-2005 10:49 am - Baking for the Colligates
Hello, Sisters!

One of the key things we have established as goals for our Hope Group is to build relationships to support the local colligate chapters in our area. We also want to build membership. Despite not having a meeting in December, I did want to do a little something for Alpha Tau, Gamma Theta, and Delta Alpha. This could be a key recruitment time for sisters graduating in December or who will be initiated into Alumnae status.

So, I was thinking about baking a couple dozen cookies or desserts for each chapter as a little something going into their finals week and as an official introduction to our chapter and to invite their graduating sisters to join us. So, that being said, would anyone like to help me sometime over the weekend getting this together? Basically, I think we need like three baskets, people willing to bake, and people willing to help me write up a little something to give to them as encouragement. Any takers? Even if its just baking some cookies and getting them to me, that’d be great. Also, I’m going to need to find out when and where each chapter may meet so I can distribute them. If anyone would like to help me distribute them, please let me know.
Also, is anyone interested in doing some pottery painting next Thursday at Claytopia for ladies night. It’s a flat $6 fee for time to paint, and you just have pick your pottery and paint your piece. We can bring wine, snacks, and whatever else…

So, please contact me if you’d like to give me a hand. Jennifer4956@msn.com

Tau Love,
4th-Nov-2005 09:42 am(no subject)
AST Badge
Happy Founder's Day, to my Alpha Sigma Tau sisters...

106 years strong!

"Since our founding in 1899, members have lived up to the same ideals... to be active, self-reliant and trustworthy... that were set forth by our founders. Our sorority has grown from eight dedicated women to thousands nationwide..."
-- Alpha Sigma Tau
1st-Nov-2005 04:44 pm - Alpha Sigma Tau Founder's Day
AST Badge
Founder's Day is November 4th. Wear your sorority pin to show your pride.

Here's a note from Delta Alpha:

Hello Ladies,
This Friday November 4th, is Founders Day, meet at the house at 6:30pm
and BRING YOUR WHITES!! Ang will go through our ritual and then we
will celebrate with cupcakes :) Hopefully there aren't many conflicts
with this time! Thanks

26th-Oct-2005 09:55 am - December Philanthropic Event
AST Badge
November is the Claytopia event and December may too busy for a big committment, so I'm toying with the idea of trying to set up a little philanthropy event for the Alumnae Group (and colligate chapters are well). Can anyone throw out any ideas?

Christmas Caroling to the elderly? Coat Drive? Volunteer at a soup kitchen?
25th-Oct-2005 02:09 pm - Last Meeting, Next Meeting
AST Badge
The second meeting of the Erie AST Alumnae Group was held this past Sunday. Thank you for everyone who as able to make it. For those who couldn't make it, we look forward to seeing you next time!

Speaking of next time, the next alumnae event will be a social gathering at Claytopia. Feel free to bring a friend or two, especially prospective members which could be a friend, sister, aunt, mother. Consider it a fun night and an informal recruitment event. We want talk too much AST stuff but it will be a good chance to bond and get to know other sisters a little better. Colligates are also welcomed to attend. If you are interested in going, please let me know, ASAP. Also let me know if you would like to bring guests. Closer to the event, I will ask for a more final number of people. You can reply to this post for the time being. Here’s the specific info:

What: Claytopia SG&D/Recruitment type event
When: Sunday, November 20, 2005
Time: 3-5pm
Where: Claytopia, in the Yorktowne Plaza near Giant Eagle on West 12th Street

Pricing Information: $6/person, plus the price of the piece you want to paint which ranges from $2-$60.

Here are some upcoming dates that may also be of interest:

Upcoming Events:
November 4th—National Founder’s Day (Wear your badge to work or school)
November 8th- Alex Zalewski’s Birthday
November 9th- Jen Robinson’s Birthday
November 12th- Gamma Theta Rededication Ceremony
November 14th- Gamma Theta nominations
November 28th- Gamma Theta Elections
December 5th- Gamma Theta SG&D Event
December 7th- Alumnae Panhellenic Interest Meeting at Gannon
December 20th- Jamie Earls and Shauna Hiensler’s Birthday
January 5th- Toy’s Birthday
23rd-Oct-2005 10:49 am - A few congratulations...
Tonight's event will be at 6pm. Email me for the address if you are interested in coming but do not yet know where it is.

I should be posting a calendar of events pretty soon here but I wanted to take a second to announce the engagement of Delta Alpha Alumna Brandi Knapp. CONGRATS!!!!

Also congrats goes out to Delta Alpha Chapter whose banner placed first with Zeta Beta Tau at this weekend's annual homecoming celebration.
19th-Oct-2005 12:58 pm(no subject)
Greetings, ladies. Not too many people are apart of this community yet, but hopefully others will join.

Apparently, Berhend ASTs (Gamma Theta) will be performing Greek Sing tonight at Bruno's, 8pm.

Gannon Homecoming is this weekend. The Parade should be Saturday around 10am. Anyone want to go? (Need to firm up the info on this one)

The Erie Alumnae Chapter will meet on Sunday, Oct 23rd. During this meeting, we will decide what type of chapter we want to, officers, and work on membership ideas. It will be a Halloween Theme.
12th-Oct-2005 10:04 am - Welcome
AST Badge
Greetings. This is the first post of the Erie AST Community. It's not just for actives but is more a resource for all things AST from collegiate, alumnae, to perspective members.

Because I'm an Alumnae, things for a while may be more geared to Alum stuff. But actives are welcomed to use this to convey info or to start a good relationship with Alumnae. Keep in mind here though, the purpose of this is to promote Alpha Sigma Tau. Other people may read this so please post friendly things here that promote our ideals. So let's work towards a drama-free happy community. Please share this with others so we can make this big!
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